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  • VSM Models

    Logic Analyser Model

    The VSM logic analyser models a basic 40-channel digital logic analyser.

    The main features of the model are as follows:

    • 8x1 bit traces and 4x8 bit bus traces
    • 40000 x 52 bit capture buffer.
    • Capture resolution from 200us per sample to 0.5ns per sample with corresponding capture times from 4s to 10ns.
    • Display zoom range from 1000 samples per division in to 1 sample per division.
    • Triggering on ANDed combination of input states and/or edges, and bus values.
    • Trigger position can be changed from -50% to +50% of the capture buffer
    • Supports absolute and configurable measurement cursors.
    • Supports one-shot mode.
    • Full printer support including colour configuration.

    VSM Logic Analyser in operation with measurement cursors.