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  • Proteus VSM for ARM7/LPC2000

    Proteus VSM for ARM7 contains everything you need to develop, test and virtually prototype your embedded system designs based around the Phillips LPC2000 series of microcontrollers. The unique nature of schematic based microcontroller simulation with Proteus facilitates rapid, flexible and parallel development of both the system hardware and the system firmware. This design synergy allows engineers to evolve their projects more quickly, empowering them with the flexibility to make hardware or firmware changes at will and reducing the time to market.

    Purchasing Options

    Each purchase of the Proteus VSM products includes a professional copy of the ISIS schematic capture package, the VSM simulation engine with industrial grade virtual instrumentation and literally thousands of embedded peripheral models (Nytt vindu). The system can be further upgraded by adding graph based simulation and PCB layout modules.

    If you wish to add PCB Layout or other processor families to your purchase please visit the commercial price list or contact us to further discuss requirements.

    Technical Information

    LPC2000 Variants

    • LPC2104, LPC2105, LPC2106
    • LPC2114, LPC2124
    • LPC2131, LPC2132, LPC2134, LPC2136, LPC2138
    • LPC2101, LPC2102, LPC2103
    • RM7TDMI and ARM7TDMI-S core models.

    Model Features

    • Full support for both ARM and THUMB instruction sets.
    • Supports all port and other I/O pin operations.
    • Supports all on-chip peripherals (GPIO, timers, RTC, U(S)ARTs, SPI, I2C, MAM, PLL & ADC).
    • Supports full functionality of the VIC interrupt system.
    • Up to 10MIPS simulation throughput on 3GHz PC.
    • Load and debug any ELF/DWARF2 program file.
    • Debugger drivers available for IAR Embedded Workbench and Keil UV3.
    • Internally generated processor clock for performance. Event timing accurate to one clock period.
    • Provides internal consistency checks on code (e.g. execution of invalid op-codes, illegal memory accesses, stack overflow checking, etc.).
    • Fully integrated in to the VSM source level debugging system.
    • Fully integrated into the Proteus Diagnostic Control System.

    Model Limitations

    • The bootloader is not modelled.
    • The JTAG interfaces and in-circuit programming modes are not supported.

    Compiler Support

    Proteus VSM models will fundamentally work with the exact same HEX file as you would program the physical device with. However, far more debugging information is available when using a compiler to write the firmware and providing these object files to Proteus in place of the HEX file provides a much richer working environment. More information on supported compilers can be found here.

    3rd Party Logos

    "Proteus is without a doubt the best schematic entry, PCB design, and simulation package for the money. It rivals software such as Protel DXP in many areas, but it is easier to use. The standard autorouter in Proteus does an excellent job and saves us a lot of time as well. We are very pleased with the product and recommened it to anyone that wants a high end tool package for a reasonable price, you won't be disappointed with Proteus -- in addition, their customer support is #1, their techs are expert at simulation, PCB layout and schematic entry and can help you with any problems you might have with their tool "

    - Andre Lamothe - CEO Nurve Networks LLC.