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  • VSM Models

    Digital Pattern Generator Model

    The Pattern Generator allows creation of an 8-bit pattern of up to 1K bytes and serves as a counterpart to the analogue Signal Generator.

    The main features of the model are as follows:

    • Will run in either graph based or interactive mode.
    • Internal and External Clocking and Trigger modes.
    • Vernier adjustment for both clock and trigger dials.
    • Hexadecimal or Decimal grid display modes.
    • Direct entry of specific values for greater accuracy.
    • Loading and saving of pattern scripts.
    • Manual specification of pattern period length.
    • Single Step control allows you to advance the pattern incrementally.
    • Tooltip Display allows you to see exactly where you are on the grid.
    • Ability to externally hold the pattern in it's current state.
    • Block Editing commands on the grid for easier pattern configuration.

    VSM Pattern Generator. Obviously the grid is altered according to particular design specifications.