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  • Proteus Platinum

    Proteus Platinum provides the complete Electronic Design Solution for the modern engineer. Including schematic capture, mixed mode SPICE and microcontroller simulation and professional PCB design, Proteus Platinum is a single integrated solution for the complete design lifecycle.

    Product Summary

    Proteus Platinum Edition Includes:

    • A full professional licence of Proteus PCB Design Level 3 - the top of the range PCB package.
    • A full licence for the interactive VSM simulation engine, enabling you to both simulate and interact with your entire system prior to prototyping.
    • A full licence for the Advanced Simulation Engine, allowing over a dozen graphical analyses on the design.
    • Full simulation support for all Proteus microcontroller variants including the PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC33, AVR, 8051, ARM7, HC11, Basic Stamp and 8086 microcontroller families.
    • Thousands of standard peripheral models and embedded peripheral models (New Window) are available for the simulation of your own projects.
    • Measurement and analysis with over a dozen industrial grade virtual instruments (DSO, Logic Analyser, I2C Protocol Analyser, etc.)
    • System wide diagnostics allowing you to receive detailed trace messaging on components of your choice and/or the system as a whole during simulation.
    • Full debugging capabilities either via Proteus VSM's internal system or through other supported compilers.

    Purchasing Options

    Proteus Platinum is provided as a commmercial licence only and can be purchased here.

    Complete Design Cycle with the Proteus Design Suite.