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  • VSM Models

    Oscilloscope Model

    The VSM oscilloscope models a four beam analogue oscilloscope.

    The main features of the model are as follows:

    • Four Channel or X-Y modes of operation.
    • Channel gain from 20V/div to 2mV/div with 2.5x accurate set-up
    • Timebase from 200ms/div to 0.5us/div with 2.5x accurate set-up
    • Automatic voltage level triggering locked to either channel.
    • AC or DC coupled inputs.
    • A+B and C+D channel modes
    • Invert button for each channel
    • Mouse wheel zooms in and out for easy navigation
    • Supports absolute and configurable measurement cursors.
    • Supports one-shot mode.
    • Full printer support including colour configuration.

    VSM Oscilloscope with measurement cursors.