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  • USC - Update Service Contracts

    The purpose of the Update Service Contract (USC) is to allow you to receive all feature enhancements and bug fixes of the Proteus software over the period for which the USC is valid while providing a fair and reasonable remuneration to ourselves for our continued development and maintenance of the software.

    Note that differs from a traditional maintenance contract offered by most software vendors as all software releases (including major versions) are included in the price of the Update Service Contract.

    In general terms the Update Service Contract works as follows:

    • Any purchase of a new licence for Proteus software will include a USC valid for six months.
    • Any purchase of a new module for an existing licence, or the upgrading an existing licence, will include a free USC valid for three months.
    • You will be notified when your USC expires in order that you have the opportunity to renew it.
    • A USC can be renewed or purchased on a per licence basis at a cost dependant on the software contained within the licence.
    • A renewed or purchased USC will be valid for twelve months.
    • You will receive a physical copy of the USC on both purchase and renewal stating both the duration and the terms of the agreement.
    • Typically, we will release a new version of the software every three to four months, adding both feature enhancements and functionality. All customers with a valid USC will receive these automatically via the online update manager.
    • We will also release maintenance builds - at our discretion - resolving issues within the software and providing minor enhancements to the product. These will be also be downloadable via the inbuilt Update Manager to all customers with a valid USC. Please register here (new window) if you wish to receive notification regarding new releases by email.
    • Expiration of a USC will not affect the usability of the software you have purchased - you will still be able to use the software at the version you currently have but you will no longer be able to install new releases or update the software.
    • Expiration of a USC will not affect your right to technical support though the level of support we are able to offer on older versions of the software may be limited. In particular, if you do not have a valid USC you will not be able to take advantage of maintenance releases that resolve a support issue without first reactivating your USC.

    Please contact us you have any further questions.