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    The Proteus VSM Concept

    Proteus Virtual System Modelling (VSM) combines mixed mode SPICE circuit simulation, animated components and microprocessor models to facilitate co-simulation of complete microcontroller based designs. For the first time ever, it is possible to develop and test such designs before a physical prototype is constructed. A full exposition of the Proteus VSM technology and features can be found here.

    Whilst we believe Proteus VSM is functionally so far ahead of any other product that it really has no competition, you may also want to look at our competitive analysis to compare features against other offerings on the market or read some existing customer comments.

    Beveg kursoren over komponentene i skjermbildet under for forklaring.

    Proteus VSM Screenshot Proteus VSM Screenshot Proteus VSM Screenshot Proteus VSM Screenshot Proteus VSM Screenshot Proteus VSM Screenshot Proteus VSM Screenshot Proteus VSM Screenshot

    This screenshot shows Proteus VSM simulating a floating point calculator. Hover the mouse over the various components and windows to see more information.

    How Is This Useful Educationally?

    In addition to providing high quality Schematic Capture and PCB Layout for traditional computer aided design Proteus VSM is uniquely suited to teaching students about the design and operation of embedded systems solutions. For the first time a full virtual debugging interface is available in software, obviating the need for expensive hardware and allowing your students the freedom and flexibility to design and develop microcontroller solutions without the need for a physical prototype.

    The following is a comparison of Proteus VSM against a typical microprocessor hardware lab equipped with evaluation boards and In Circuit Emulators..

    Hardware Lab Proteus VSM Lab

    Installation of hardware equipment typically requires a dedicated lab.

    Proteus VSM can be installed in general purpose computer rooms anywhere on campus.

    Equipping a hardware lab with In Circuit Emulators is expensive.

    Site Licences of Proteus VSM are significantly discounted for educational use.

    Test instruments such as oscilloscopes, logic analysers and pattern generators add further expense.

    Proteus VSM includes 11 virtual instruments as standard.

    The number of users is limited to the amount of physical hardware purchased.

    Unlimited site licences of Proteus VSM have no upper limit on the number of users.

    Reworking or modifying hardware circuitry can be tedious and prone to errors.

    Circuit design in Proteus VSM is both simple and flexible, allowing students to experiment easily and quickly.

    Student error can result in blown hardware components and additional expense.

    Proteus VSM is totally safe and virtual components are indestructible!

    Students are limited to working on the equipment within the lab.

    All site licences include a version for distribution to students.

    Students must wire up hardware in the lab before attempting software tasks.

    Circuits for lab exercises can be prepared in advance.

    Evaluation and Pricing

    If you have any queries about the features mentioned above or wish to discuss the suitability of Proteus VSM for your course please feel free to contact us. Our support staff all develop on the Proteus software suite and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss requirements with you or provide a quotation for the software.

    "The whole Proteus suite has been invaluable to us in delivering our advanced BTEC Electronic Courses. The processor simulation is excellent and very easy to implement."

    - Alan Duffy - Sutton Coldfield College

    "Thanks for your support and a great product. This years new advanced students have just finished their first project design using Proteus. They enjoyed it and I appreciated the easy interface which allowed my students to learn the techniques and processes far faster with reliable results."

    - Customer Testimonial